Armonia è la vostra soluzione

per lo sviluppo dell'impresa


Human resources are the essential part of the company and must considered like that. The real capability in spotlighting a quality and in making it productive is a part of a  process of knowledge of own resources. Understanding to manage, knowing to grow. Armonia maps and manages skills, and makes them grow, talks about people and makes them the focus on that the entrepreneur or the manager has to invest on to guarantee a future for the firm.

In Armonia Marketing is: Knowledge, physical expression of strategic thinking, solid view of the management of the customers’ relationship The thinking must be based on real and clear data from which develop the strategy. The harmony in the firm management starts from here, with a product, a target and an organization which has to be incline to the satisfaction of a need.  

Verify economic trends and set the cash flow management like a metronome to evaluate own firm  health. The management control marries with the budgeting making a unique trend matching opportunity. The possibility of having economic, capital and financial indicators exploded on different levels permits the good success of the operating business management, referring to the strategy adopted by the decision maker. Armonia summarizes, verifies, visualizes and shows visual alarms which help the controller in turning out with his job  

The quality represented as a business diamond Is a perfect way to monitor the indicators and represent a fully-developed control system which defines a new standard in the management processes. The quality system becomes 100% Quality, through the supervision of relationships with insider and outsider suppliers, and it’s extended through a series of user-personalizable tools which define also the structure of manual and permit their management with facility and completeness.

It’s the place where everything becomes thin. So it’s about lean thinking, but we don’t only express concepts, we also put ourselves like operative, and all the tools made available from Armonia become integral part of an evolved system of integration of the lean production in own firm system. Lean and not only lean, but also engineering sections which in Armonia become cross tools to support the decision maker in the strategy composition.






Operiamo ed innoviamo per costruire strumenti avanzati di conoscenza e gestione dell'attività d'impresa, coadiuvando imprenditorie manager nella messa a punto di soluzioni armoniche nell'agire quotidiano e nel progettare lo sviluppo.













Chi Siamo:

Armonia nasce da un’idea di giovani imprenditori bolognesi che da sempre intendono la gestione dell’informazione e della conoscenza in azienda come la base imprescindibile per costruire una prospettiva di successo.

Le nostre competenze di fondo partono dalla profonda esperienza nel management di imprese e si sviluppano negli ambiti strategici, di pianificazione e controllo, di marketing, nei sistemi informatici ed informativi, nelle soluzioni organizzative e nei sistemi per l’innovazione.